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WHO International Scheme to Evaluate HWTS: Webinar Summary on Lessons Learned from Round I, Plans for Round II

June 30, 2015 Online Convened by the World Health Organization This webinar provided an overview of Round I and procedures for Round II of the World Health Organization’s International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies (“the Scheme”). The Scheme

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Cholera Toolkit

Cholera Toolkit Cover

This toolkit provides guidance, tools, and good practice for understanding cholera, conducting monitoring activities, coordinating stakeholders, communications, prevention, preparedness, case management and other important areas of a cholera response strategy. Materials are relevant for both policy-makers and practitioners in development

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WASHplus Weekly

WASHplus Weekly Cover

Launched in March 2011, each issue of WASHplus Weekly highlights upcoming events, blog posts, recent publications and other resources on topics relating to urban WaSH, Indoor Air Pollution, Innovation, Household Water Treatment and Storage, Hand Washing, Integration, and more. Areas

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