The newsletter of the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage is sent out every six to eight weeks and focuses on recent developments in policy and practice relating to increased access to safe drinking water. The newsletter provides a snapshot of recent activities of the Network’s 150 members and co-hosts WHO and UNICEF and is received by more than 1600 subscribers from governments, academic institutions, international and locally-based NGOs and private sector companies located all over the world.


Subscribing to the mailing list means you will also receive other announcements from time to time about events, publications, and new technology developments or opportunities to participate in studies or other projects on HWTS. You can view an archive of recent messages sent to the mailing list here.

To Subscribe: If you would like to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox, please email your request to subscribe to Please include your full name, your organizational affiliation and a brief 1-2 line summary of your interest in HWTS (e.g., are you looking for technical specifications on manufacturing ceramic filters, or are you a beginner and simply looking to learn about what HWTS is all about).

To Unsubscribe: You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending an email with “unsubscribe” in the subject heading to Please share your feedback on why you no longer wish to receive the newsletter.


Why should I contribute? Network members are encouraged to contribute to achieving the mission of achieving ‘safe drinking-water for all’. By sharing the results of the work you are doing and the lessons you’ve learned, you can help others to improve their programs. Successful program examples are useful, but we also want to hear about your failures too. By showcasing where you went wrong, it provides a valuable service to the entire community.

What can I contribute? Contributions to the newsletter are welcome. Material considered relevant includes recent publications (peer-reviewed or otherwise), presentations, events, resources, calls for papers/proposals, etc. An example of a contribution which is acceptable is a request for assistance in improving your product or approach to implementing HWTS. Or you may be a researcher and would like to share your research question with others or seek input or contacts for your work. You may also refer to a previous issue of the newsletter for additional examples (browse the archives below).

What should my contribution include? Please adhere to the following contribution guidelines when evaluating whether you have something to share. Your contribution should:

  • Include descriptive text, limited to 150 words.
  • Be recent, factual and not self-promoting (no new product announcements or requests for funding).
  • Share insights or knowledge from your work for the benefit of others.
  • Include links to your organization’s own website and any attendant publications.

Note: If you do not have a website and wish to make a publication of your work or project results available online to the public, please email it to us at along with a description adhering to the above guidelines. Your article may be considered for sharing via the WASHplus’ Household Drinking Water Quality blog.

When will my contribution be published? We will work to include your contribution in the next issue of the newsletter, which is produced every six to eight weeks. However, please note this is an invitation to contribute not a promise of publication. The Network Secretariat (WHO, UNICEF and the Water Institute at UNC) may choose not to publish your contribute or may delay it for a future issue of the newsletter. Further, your contribution may be edited to ensure brevity or clarity and we may contact you for further details.

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