Webinar: An international scheme to evaluate HWT product performance

February 6, 2014
Convened by the World Health Organization

This webinar provided an overview of the World Health Organization’s newly-launched International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies. An example from Haiti illustrated the need for such a Scheme.

When used correctly and consistently, the practice of an effective method of household water treatment (HWT) can improve water quality and reduce diarrhoeal disease. However, in many countries, there is limited capacity to subject national and international manufacturers to rigorous and independent evaluations of effective product performance.

The International Scheme to Evaluate HWT is a fee-based mechanism to promote and coordinate independent testing and evaluation of HWT products. Under the Scheme, a pre-approved international laboratory would certify HWT products based on performance criteria recommended by the World Health Organization. Participating national governments may accept the certification in place of their own national standards and approve products for import and sale to consumers. WHO will open the Scheme to product manufacturers this year and is working with governments to encourage their participation.

Featured speakers: Dr Maggie Montgomery (World Health Organization), Nikki Beetsch (World Health Organization) and Anna Murray (Tufts University). Discussions moderated by Michael Forson (UNICEF). Technical support and communications by Ryan Rowe (The Water Institute at UNC). The webinar was hosted by the World Health Organization using Webex software.

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