National HWTS Strategies and Integrated Household Environmental Health Interventions in Southern Africa

June 20-22, 2012
Convened by the Government of Mozambique, WHO, and UNICEF


From June 20-22, the Government of Mozambique, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, hosted a workshop on the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the advancement of household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) in three African countries: Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. The workshop report details outcomes and outputs and can serve as a reference guide for attendees as they develop and implement action plans and strategies to support the scaling up of HWTS in their countries. The proceedings from the workshop are also available online and can be downloaded below.

Presentations from Day 1

  1. Maggie Montgomery – Network Update | Download
  2. Lilian Lehmann – Global Status and Key Challenges Regarding Use and Sustainability of HWTS | Download
  3. Maggie Montgomery – Global Status of National Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Policies | Download
  4. Michael Forson – International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage: Objectives and Activities | Download
  5. Edema Ojomo – Enabling Environment for HWTS: Effective Scale-up and Sustainability | Download
  6. Humphreys Masuku – Hygiene Promotion for Diarrhoeal Diseases Prevention Through the Government of Malawi’s Perinatal Care System & Community Based Child Care Centres | Download
  7. Elizabeth Chawfa – National HWTS Policies and Integrated Household Environmental Health Interventions: Zambia | Download
  8. Ana Candido – Tratamento e armazenamento da água a nível domiciliário em Moçambique | Download
  9. Tim Neville – HWTS at Scale: Community and user interface in Western Province, Kenya | Download
  10. Henk Holtslag – Low cost water filters: Experiences,lessons learned, way forward | Download
  11. Albert Saka – Promotion of SODIS: The Zambian Experience | Download
  12. Greg Allgood – Integration of Point-of-Use Water Treatment into School, HIV/AIDS, WASH and Nutrition Programs | Download
  13. Lorelei Goodyear – Integration Achieves Results: Malawi ANC/Hygiene Kit Model | Download

Presentations from Day 2

  1. Ryan Rowe – Themes | Download
  2. Maggie Montgomery – Evaluating Household Water Treatment Options: A health-based approach | Download
  3. Lilian Lehmann – Technology’s role in facilitating M & E | Download
  4. Iulian Circo – Building an eco-system | Download
  5. Douglas Sing’anga – Best practices in integrating HWTS with health efforts: Inter-ministerial collaboration | Download
  6. Maggie Montgomery – WHO/UNICEF Toolkit on Monitoring and Evaluating Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage | Download

Presentations from Day 3

  1. Michael Forson – Recaps of Day 2 | Download
  2. Lilian Lehmann – Mobilising Resources: From microcredit to large funds | Download
  3. Ryan Rowe – Household Water Network: Communications for learning | Download

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