The Sixth World Water Forum: Sessions on HWTS and Cholera

March 12-17, 2012
Marseilles, France
Convened by the WHO, the Global Health Alliance Against Cholera, and Veolia Environment Foundation


The 6th World Water Forum established several thematic priorities and targets to guide discussion and promote solutions to the most pressing world water challenges. Sessions were held on on a variety of issues linking safe water, sanitation and health, including two concerning household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) and cholera. The sessions resulted in a set of solutions, recommendations and stakeholders commitments to meet the global targets on national HWTS policies and primary prevention of cholera. These are outlined in a report prepared by the World Health Organization, which coordinated the sessions in partnership with the Global Alliance Against Cholera and the Veolia Environnement Foundation. Communications support for both sessions was provided by the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina. The proceedings from the two sessions are available online and can be downloaded below.

Download the report

Presentations from Session on HWTS

  1. Maggie Montgomery – Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage | Download
  2. Alie Eleveld – SWAP distribution model of household water treatment and health products | Download
  3. Regula Meierhofer – Solar Water Disinfection | Download
  4. Martina Podeprel – Feasibility for WADI in India | Download
  5. Jan Heeger – Use of household water treatment in emergencies | Download
  6. Maggie Montgomery – Global Overview of Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Policies | Download

Presentations from Session on Cholera

  1. Claire-Lise Chaignat – Cholera: An ongoing scourge among the most neglected diseases | Download
  2. Franck Haaser & Gregory Bulit – Fight against cholera: An integrated approach for a public health concern | Download
  3. Francois Bellet – La strategie ‘ bouclier et coup de poing’ contre le cholera au-dela des frontieres dans le Bassin du Lac Tchad | Download
  4. Jean Lapegue – Une approache holistique du cholera : projet de reponse d’urgence et de recherce operationelle au Tchad | Download
  5. Peter Maes – Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Activities for Cholera Prevention in Communities Living Adjacent to Lake Kivu or Rusizi River, Cyangugu Province, Rwanda | Download
  6. Jan Heeger – Role of household water treatment and safe storage during cholera | Download
  7. Kamal Kar – Winning the battle against cholera: Impact of community-led total sanitation (CLTS) in Africa | Download
  8. Marlou de Rouw – Cholera competence | Download

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