2011 Network Annual Meeting

October 3, 2011
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Convened by the WHO, UNICEF, and the Water Institute at UNC


The 2011 Annual Meeting of the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage was held in Chapel Hill, USA on 3 October 2011. 80 individuals gathered for the meeting, representing 55 different organisations. Proceedings included presentations, panel discussions and break-out sessions.

Major initiatives in HWTS were presented and participants discussed key challenges, successes, and new opportunities for scaling-up and sustaining HWTS. Key themes of discussion included the integration of household water treatment and safe storage into broader water and health programmes and the development of standardised tools in monitoring & evaluation and technology performance. Participants also convened in working groups on advocacy/policy, implementation/integration/scaling-up, monitoring & evaluation, and research/knowledge advancement.

The main outcomes of the meeting were the sharing of challenges, successes and lessons learned among Network participants and initial discussions on draft action plans among the four working groups for 2012. In addition, on days prior to and following the Network meeting the Network Advisory Group and the Network Public-Private Partnership Group met for the first time in Phase II (2011-2016) of the Network. These groups offer leadership and expert input regarding key initiatives, such as the proposed WHO-led international household water treatment evaluation scheme.

Download the meeting report

Selected proceedings from the 2011 Network Annual Meeting can be downloaded below.

    1. Maggie Montgomery – Network Update | Download
    2. Rob Quick – Integrating Household Water Treatment and Storage into Health Services: Rationale, Examples from the Field, and
      Lessons Learned | Download
    3. Greg Allgood – Benefits of Integration of HWTS into School, HIV/AIDS, WASH and Nutrition Programs | Download
    4. John Kariuki – Integrated Household Water Treatment Efforts in Kenya and the East Africa Region | Download
    5. Daniele Lantagne – The HWTS M&E Toolkit: Work-to-date and Way Forward | Download
    6. Christian Vousvouras – The 2011 Household and Community Water Treatment and Safe Storage Yearbook | Download
    7. Kara Nelson – Predicting the Health Impact of Household Water Treatment | Download

Note: The work presented by Dr Kara Nelson at the Annual Meeting was published in April 2012. Read the abstract here.

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