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In this issue, you will find an overview of HWTS activities planned at next week’s Water and Health 2011 conference in Chapel Hill, USA. HWTS will feature prominently on the agenda. More than a third of papers and posters being presented relate to HWTS. Participatory events include the Network’s 2011 Annual Meeting, convening of new thematic working groups, and workshops from Procter & Gamble and PATH. Your input and contribution to Network activities is strongly encouraged.

As always, we welcome your news, events, and other items of interest which you would like to share with the HWTS community. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • HWTS activities at the upcoming Water and Health conference

    2011 Network Annual Meeting – Monday, 3 October, 9:00am – 5:00pm
    Convened by the WHO, UNICEF and the Water Institute at UNC

    Join other participants from the Network to discuss critical issues on HWTS: the challenges of achieving scale, integration with other household environmental health interventions, monitoring & evaluation, successes and failures from the field, the recently released WHO performance evaluation guidelines and Network participation in the upcoming 6th World Water Forum. And – don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Network thematic working groups on monitoring & evaluation, capacity building, research & knowledge advancement, and policy/advocacy issues and contribute to the development of a work plan of activity for 2011/2012. All are welcome.

    HWTS and HIV/AIDS – Tuesday, 4 October, 8:30am – 12:15pm
    Convened by Procter & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and the UNC Institute of Global Health and Infectious Diseases

    An exciting line-up of experts will present: Greg Allgood (P&G CSDW), Myron Cohen (UNC ID), Charles Holmes (PEPFAR), Rob Quick (CDC), Kathryn McHugh (PSI), Maggie Montgomery (WHO), and Irving Hoffman (UNC Medicine). This session will focus on the integration of HWTS into HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes, opportunistic infections and diseases of concern to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and evidence from programs in the field. In addition to these critical issues, a supplement to a major HIV/AIDS journal on the topic of HWTS is planned as follow-on from the session. Click to view the draft agenda

    The Private Sector and HWTS/POU – Thursday, 6 October, 1:15pm – 5:00pm
    Convened by PATH

    In this workshop PATH’s Safe Water Project will be sharing preliminary results of its five-year grant to develop and test commercial approaches to the provision of household water treatment and safe storage products (HWTS) in low-income communities. Our work with commercial partners has yielded opportunities to create more appropriate and affordable products, make them more accessible to low-income households, and increase interest in and consistent use of HWTS products in the home. The first portion of this workshop will focus on discussing next steps for increasing access to HWTS and strategic roles that can be taken on my public and private sectors. We wish to engage attendees in invigorating discussions surrounding questions like “How far can the private sector go in providing safe water household products and services?”, “What are optimal and complementary roles for the public and private sectors?”, and more. We will conclude the session by launching our new water treatment products that were created based on user perspectives. During the launch, we will seek participant input on how to improve HWTS products for low- and middle-income households. We wish to encourage attendees to share their experiences with HWTS products, including provisioning and usage in developing-world settings.

    To learn more about PATH’s Safe Water Project, refer to the feature in our March 2011 newsletter.

    In addition, over 50 papers and posters on HWTS will be presented over the course of the five-day conference. To participate in these and other proceedings from the Water and Health 2011 Conference, please click here to register at the conference website.

  • 6th Rural Water Supply Network Forum: 29 Nov – Dec 1 2011 in Kampala, Uganda
  • The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is a global knowledge network for rural water supplies, with a membership of 2,500 individual professionals and practitioners from over 120 countries. The RWSN Forum is the rural water supply event that takes place every three to four years. The Ministry of Water and Environment – Uganda will host the forum in Kampala from 29 November – 1 December 2011. In addition to a number of other topics, a session on water quality is scheduled during the proceedings. The RWSN and the HWTS Network are identifying opportunities for further collaboration. We encourage HWTS Network participants to attend this important forum and represent the HWTS sector and the Network. Les details du forum sont aussi disponibles en français.To learn more, click here

    Field Report

  • World AIDS Marathon: 1 December 2011 in Kisumu, Kenya
  • Our friends at Safe Water and AIDS Project will be heavily involved in the promotion and organization of the upcoming World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya, on December 1, 2011. SWAP’s network of community groups will be involved in providing safe water to all participants of the Marathon. SWAP is supporting a range of activities spanning athletic and health/development areas: full and half marathon, relays, 3 kilometer walk for children living with HIV and health-related: Voluntary Counseling and Testing services, Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections, information about male circumcisions, exhibitions, orphan dinners and safe water demonstrations.

    For safe water demonstrations along the route SWAP mobilizes HIV support groups and community self-help groups who are trained on safe water systems and hand washing practices. Drinking water stations are put up and the group members provide safe water to the runners at every kilometer (42 stations) and educate the community on safe water and hand washing. The volunteers wear Waterguard and PuR branded T-shirts which triggers a lot of questions from the community and which helps them promote the use of household water treatment at household level and hand washing . The drinking water and hand washing stations are donated to the groups after the event.

    Safe Water and AIDS Project has for the past 5 years been involved in organizing the World AIDS Marathon organization. By now local residents and businesses in Kisumu know us well. Particularly in the early morning hours of 1st December, World AIDS Day, when all the runners wearing our signature yellow T-shirts gather in Jomo Kenyatta Sports Grounds. Each years’ event results in an increase in registered runners and walkers who literally travel from all over the world (U.S., U.K, the Netherlands and others) and from all walks of life (pro runners, scientists, people living with HIV, young and old, commercial sex workers, gay community, disabled, Kenyan and Ugandan Athletes) to be part of the day. With this growth there is also expanded HIV awareness within the local community and media.

    Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother of US president Obama, has been engaged the past two years to give prizes to the runners after they ended the race. The Kisumu World AIDS Marathon always attracts a big crowd. Over 300 volunteers support the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon every year, drawn from HIV support groups and other community self-help groups.

    The most important news, though, is that the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu is playing an important role in helping to break down the barriers of stigma associated with HIV. Participants and volunteers alike want people to know that no matter what a person’s HIV status we can come together to support and encourage each other to live healthier lives.

    SWAP needs both in-kind and financial support to help make this event happen as well as widespread promotional support from its partners, including other Network participants. For more information please contact: Alie Eleveld, Program Director for Safe Water and AIDS Project, Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Committee Member, Email: Office Phone: +254 20 2030712. You may also visit the World Aids Marathon website.

    To learn more SWAP, please read the feature in our March 2011 newsletter.

    Event Calendar

    Network Events

  • Annual Network Meeting: 3 October 2011 in Chapel Hill, USA
  • Other Events

  • Water & Health 2011: 3-7 October, 2011 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Global Forum on Sanitation & Hygiene 2011: 9-14 October, 2011 in Mumbai, India
  • 2nd IWA Development
    Congress & Exhibition:
    21-24 November, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 6th Rural Water Supply Forum: 29 November to 1 December, 2011 in Kampala, Uganda
  • 6th World Water Forum: 12-17 March, 2012 in Marseille, France
  • IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2012: 16-21 September, 2012 in Busan, South Korea
  • Are you aware of an upcoming international, regional or national event on HWTS? Please tell us by email at or

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