Accra, June 2008

June, 2008
Accra, Ghana

Presentations from Day 1

  1. Adagwine, A. Sale vs. Free Distribution of Ceramic Pot Filters | Download
  2. Allgood, G. Successful Programs to Increase Coverage of People | Download
  3. Clasen, T. – Microbiological Effectiveness and Cost of Boiling | Download
  4. Dusabe, A. Leveraging the private & public sectors to reach the poor | Download
  5. Graf, J. Effect of SODIS and Hygiene Behaviour | Download
  6. Kariuki. Kenya in the Global Village | Download
  7. Lantagne, D. Lessons Learned Implementing Household Water Treatment | Download
  8. Liang, Kaida. Independent Evaluation of Biosand Filter in Rural Cambodia | Download
  9. Magtibay, B. Objectives Overview | Download
  10. Nadakatti, S. Hindustan Unilever Pureit | Download
  11. Ngai, T. System Dynamics Modeling of HWTS Diffusion Process | Download
  12. Norden, H. UNICEF and Home Drinking Water Treatment | Download
  13. Retuta, M. Scaling Up the HypoSol For SAFE Water: A Philippine Strategy | Download
  14. Sahanoon, O. The Impact of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Treatment | Download
  15. Stauber, C. Sustained Health Impact by the Biosand Filter in Bonao | Download
  16. Tessema, F. Progress Report on Ethiopian Experience | Download

Presentations from Day 2

  1. Agboatwalla, M. Household Water Treatment in Pakistan | Download
  2. Allgood, G. Advocacy and Communication Working Group | Download
  3. Brown, J. Point-of-Use Drinking Water Treatment in Rural Cambodia | Download
  4. Clasen, T. Household water treatment and safe storage: scaling up | Download
  5. Connect International. The Siphon filter | Download
  6. Dangol, B. 3D Approach for Promotion of POU Water Treatment in Nepal | Download
  7. Dyck, K. Samaritan’s Purse’s Implementation of the BioSand Water Filter | Download
  8. Harvey, R. An Overview of Ceramic-based Water Filters for Home Applications | Download
  9. Lantagne, D. Implementing water projects: Addressing technical barriers | Download
  10. McGuigan, K. Enhancing the Effectiveness of SODIS | Download
  11. Medipharm. AQUATABS Kenya: 18 Months Later | Download
  12. Naranjo, J. Laboratory Assessment of a Novel Water Treatment Device | Download
  13. Saade, C. Self-Help Groups: Experiences and Lessons | Download

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